Scratch Off World Map Poster

Scratch Off World Map Poster

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Are you a world traveler? Track Your Adventures with our Scratch Off World Map! 

Scratch off the gold foil where you have been to reveal the beautifully colored landscape underneath. Record your travels and plan your next adventure in style! We bundled in thoughtful accessories for you to personalize your map and tell your story.

The Earthabitats Scratch Off World Map is the perfect gift for the traveller in your life.

Earthabitats 7.2 ounces 24 x 17 inch Black

 World Map For Your Memories

Scratch Off World Map Poster Hero Banner, Framed against brick wall


As fellow travel enthusiasts, we at Earthabitats have designed the perfect world map
to journal your vacation memories.

Been there? Scratch it!

Whenever you have visited a country, scratch off the gold foil on top of that country to reveal the beautifully colored landscape underneath. Relive your travel memories and feel the wonder of exploration!

Scratch Off World Map Colors
Brazil scratched off on the Scratchable world map

Authentic, Detailed Design

The most detailed scratch off map on the market, our map features beautiful, vibrant colors, accurate cartographic details of the terrain, country flags and landmarks. Matte black design completes the classy look while laminated finishing protects from accidental scratches.

Beautiful and Informative

Scratch away the flags at the base of the map to reveal the flag colours of the countries you’ve visited. One day, perhaps you will be able to scratch off all of them!

Country flags are included in our Scratch Off World Map Poster
US States are outlined in the Earthabitats Scratchable world map

US States Outlined

US state lines are clearly outlined for you to track your adventures in America. Scratch off more states as you explore more of the country. State lines in Canada and Australia are marked too!

Personalized Accessories

We bundled in companion accessories to complete your scratching experience!


for the ideal scratching tool

Guitar pick scratcher accessory


to mark your travel memories

Memory stickers accessory for the map of world poster


to clean scratch smudges

Erase the smudges from the outlined world map


for the visually challenged

Best map for travelers

Perfect Gift for Travelers

Our map comes in gift ready packaging to delight the travel enthusiasts in your life.
A perfect conversation starter, give them a fun and special moment scratching the map
with friends and family while sharing travel stories!

Store your memories in our map of world poster, Perfect Gift for Travelers

Liven Up that Boring Wall

Frame the Scratch Off World Map and you have a classy wall decoration! Measured at a sensible 24 by 17 inches, you will easily find a frame for it in Amazon or retail stores. Sure to draw attention, impress your guest with this striking piece!

Scratch off world map poster white frame
Scratch off world map poster brick wall
Scratch off world map poster small frame

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