About Us

Have you been asked by your friends which countries you have travelled to, and you couldn’t recall some? There was this epic incident that happened in Asia, was it Thailand or Philippines? What did I do what I visited England ten years ago? I don’t remember!!

These questions are what started us on our path today, and why we do Earthabitats. As fellow travel enthusiasts, we have visited many countries and immersed in diverse cultures in our travels. The experiences and lessons we had in our travels have changed our lives. That’s why we strive to design great products to journal and record our travel memories.

Our mission is to create environments for people to share their travel stories and grow together.

We achieve this in many ways. Our Scratch Off Maps are great conversation starters, creating moments of sharing spontaneously. Our blog hosts articles and travel stories shared by our customers. Connect with us in Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and share your favorite stories with a community of passionate travelers!



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