Magnetic Wooden Hanger Frame

Magnetic Wooden Hanger Frame

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Need a frame for your Scratch Off Maps? Our Magnetic Hanger Frame is the perfect frame for your Earthabitats travel maps!

Made of durable pine wood, this stylish frame gives you easy access to your Scratch Off Maps so you can easily scratch off new parts from your latest adventure. It is very easy to use, only takes seconds to put up. It also works with any print that is around 24” wide and any vertical length, perfect for canvas artwork, posters, prints and photos.

Earthabitats 4 ounces 24 x 17 inch Walnut

Ever tried replacing the print inside your glass frame?

What about when you framed a Scratch Off Map and you need to scratch off a new part? It takes so much time disassembling and reassembling your glass frame, time better spent admiring your poster instead!

Our wall hanger magnetic frame is the perfect solution to that. We at Earthabitats have created the best Magnetic Wooden Frame for any print or poster that is 24” wide. Hanging your frame and replacing it can’t be any simpler with the quick-lock magnetic bars. There is no glass so you can access your map easily and scratch off new parts whenever you like.


SUITABLE FOR ANY 24” WIDE PRINT. Perfectly frame your print, poster, picture, map, canvas or photo that is 24 inches wide and any vertical length with the Earthabitats hanging frame. This wooden frame is also suitable for posters slightly more or less than 24 inches. The strong magnets hold up your piece securely so you don’t have to worry about your poster or artwork falling off.


PERFECT FOR 24” SCRATCH OFF MAPS. Our wall hanger map frame is the best frame for your 24x17 or 24x18 scratch off maps. Access your framed scratch world map easily and scratch off new areas from your latest adventures, without the hassle of removing the glass in bigger frames. Display your travel map with our beautiful and classic walnut frame, giving it a classy look that is sure to draw compliments from your guests. Earthabitats maps sold separately.


Full accessory pack included to hang your picture frame. In addition to the four wooden hanging bars and hanging strap, we included 2 spare hanging straps, a nail, and a self-adhesive wall hook for those who live in rented places and cannot put nails into their walls. Our hanging picture frame comes in gift ready packaging tube to delight your friends and family.



Put up your art piece or poster in less than a minute with our magnetic frame. Just align the picture to the bar and place another magnetic bar on top, and your picture is framed. Replacing your picture is also painless and swift, without damaging your artwork.




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